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Amy Millicent Sowerby

(1878 Northumberland, England - 1967 England)

Sowerby postcard # 1The daughter of artist John G. Sowerby, Amy Sowerby's illustrations graced many popular children's books, including Lew Carroll's Alice in Wonderland (1907), and Robert Lewis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verse (1909). Her skill was mostly self-taught, studying the work of other illustrators.  She collaborated with her sister, Githa, on many books over a twenty year period. Her postcard illustrations often depict children, fairies, fairy tales and nursery rhymes.  

For a more complete biography, visit Women Children's Book Illustrators by Denise Ortakales.

Sowerby postcard # 3

Sowerby postcard # 4

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