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Shamrock scrap photoSt Patrick's Day, March 17, grew from a religious feast day in the early 17th century into an all-out, all-things-Irish international holiday by the 20th century. It is a wonderful excuse for St Patrick's Day crafts, because the guidelines are clear - make it green.

Many St Patrick's Day crafts are wearable, because they are meant to demonstrate pride in being Irish for a day. Handmade green clothing, hats, scarves and jewelry are very popular. Many decorate their homes with green banners, door wreaths and decorations. And for the traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner, create your own handmade napkin rings, table favors and centerpieces!

The theme of the day is green, green, green. By February, one can find green tinsel garland, green flowers, shamrocks of every ilk, clay pipes, harps, Irish hats, and Celtic embellishments in every crafts store. But the fun is in making your own decorations that declare, "I am proud to be Irish-(fill in nationality)!"

Yes - we are both of Irish descent and our blood runs green. In that spirit we've created some St Patrick's Day crafts that really "get the Irish up."

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St Patrick's Day Crafts

St Patricks Brooch on Vintage Image Craft
Pin this St. Patrick's Brooch to your jacket, and prepare to be kissed. This is the essence of simplicity: the ribbon rosette of green and gold is simply skewered on a brad. The shamrock image and glitter are both affixed with double-sided adhesive paper. Really, you could turn out enough of these for a St. Patrick's Day parade during one chorus of "How Are Things in Glocca Morra?"
St patrick's Puzzle Blocks. Vintage Image Craft
St Patrick's Puzzle Blocks are a versatile decoration. And you can rearrange them to create six different vintage scenes of Victorian Ireland! The technique is so simple. You transform plain 2" wooden blocks with cut images  and decoupage medium. The result could charm the gold away from a leprechaun.
Shamrock charms craft photo Lucky Shamrock Charms dangling on a bracelet of leprechaun's gold! They look like hand-painted porcelain, but they are really magical "shrink plastic." All you need is an ink jet printer and an oven to make these bangles for St. Patrick's Day.
St Patrick's Pin or Pendant craft Wear one of these St Patrick's Pins or Pendants and have the luck of the Irish all day. The beautiful magic comes from polymer clay, metallic pigment powder, and iron on transfer sheets - and the heat of your oven!
St Patrick's Day decoration craft Proudly display your pseudo-Irish heritage with this vintage-style St Patrick's Day Decoration! There is much here to be proud of, especially recycling those heart-shaped Valentine candy boxes with a little green paint and a little Irish ingenuity.

The Many Symbols of St Patrick's Day

Ah, it makes my Irish blood proud to see the wearin' o' the blue. Yes, that's right. Saint Patrick Blue was the traditional color for St. Patrick's feast day, first celebrated on March 17 in the early 17th century. Saint Patrick (died cir. 460 AD) is one of Ireland's patron saints, famous for banishing snakes from the island, and for using the three-leafed shamrock to symbolize the Holy Trinity. In fact, it was the Irish Catholic custom of wearing shamrocks on the lapel - "the wearin' o' the green" - that turned the whole country Kelly Green by the 19th century.

St Patrick's Day is observed (through bleary eyes) in Ireland, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and America, and much of the English-speaking world. Parades and festivals celebrate Irish culture, people wear green to avoid being pinched, beer and stout sales go through the roof - and we make decorations and send greeting cards festooned with Irish national symbols. Interestingly, the vintage images we have come to associate with St Patrick's Day cards of the late 19th century are American inventions, and never got much traction in Ireland.

Although St Patrick's Day was declared an official Irish holiday in 1903, it was widely celebrated through the 19th century, and brought to America by Irish immigrants. The three-leafed shamrock is the most predominant symbol, because of its direct association with Saint Patrick. Often depicted in vintage images is the Irish harp, a stringed folk instrument legendarily played for Irish kings on the Hill of Tara. Scenes of Ireland's landscapes, lakes, bridges and castles adorned early greeting cards. White clay pipes and walking sticks called Shillelaghs are also traditional. Snakes have a cameo role, as do pigs, potatoes and horseshoes, symbolizing prosperity and luck. "Erin Go Bragh" proudly declares, "Ireland Forever." Leprechauns and their pots of gold, oddly enough, don't get associated with St Patrick's Day until late in the 20th century.

St Patrick's Day is a celebration of cultural pride, not just for the Irish, but for everyone who values their heritage.

Do you have favorite St Patrick's Day crafts or card designs? We would enjoy hearing from you with ideas, comments or questions. Please, contact us with a note!

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