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We want to hear your ideas!

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We love the Ol' Suggestion Box! Your ideas and suggestions are the engine under the Vintage Image Craft hood. When you asked "Why don't you offer books on card-making?" we published one. Then two. Then three.

"I'd like to get your images as PNG and JPG files," you asked. And now our new Image Books come with the PDF, PNG and JPGs packaged together.

"Why don't you have a Facebook page?" was asked - and we answered, "What is Facebook??" But we learned fast and now our Facebook Fans can have a daily dose of Vintage Image Craft when they want it.

The Box is below. Ask anything. Suggest the moon. If we can do it, we will!

Do you have ideas or suggestions for Vintage Image Craft?

We want to include YOUR ideas here at Vintage Image Craft! Tell us what you would like to see - and spare no whimsy or creativity!

Previous suggestions we are working on:

Click below to see suggestions from other crafters and artists. We hope you'll add comments so we can get it RIGHT!

Best Glue for Crafts 
I am an art educator with over 35 years experience. I have found that the best craft glue on the market is Aleene's Tacky, or now available, Turbo Tacky …

Just wanted you to know how truly wonderful your site is. Couldn't ask for more awesome ideas using the most beloved prints of all, "Victorian". You are …

Just LOVE your site! 
Hi Guys, I'm sorry, I don't have a suggestion but simply HAD to write you. I just found your website linked to the Kenward blogspot, and I am COMPLETELY …

Not a suggestion--a compliment and question for VIC 
Your website homepage is super! I'm not a crafty person even though I do simple crafts for toddlers at my library. But I did purchase a postcard from …

Please clarify instructions on printing fabric sheets 
In "make your own fabric sheets" (http://www.vintageimagecraft.com/transfer_images_fabric.html), you have an instruction: "One sheet at a time, print your …

LOVE your stuff! 
I began my search for an idea for making Christmas gifts and found so much more. As a card maker I, too, love clear envelopes. It almost makes the card …

Can VIC craft instructions have a "print" button? 
On your craft instruction pages, can you have a button that is for "Print". This would print the craft without printing the advertisements. P.S. Love …

Why don't you add a Suggestion Box? 
Just kidding - but I really was going to send you guys a note about having some way to submit ideas for your FAB website. Why don't you have a contest …

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