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Make these dainty, sparkling tag ornaments from ordinary cardboard key tags.  Clear half-marbles add a magical magnifying effect to the vintage images of Christmas children. 

Finished tag ornamentsImagine a miniature tree decked out in these jeweled ornaments - and you can make them in the twinkling of an eye.


  • 1 1/4" metal-rimmed cardboard key tags
  • Vintage images, printed on photo paper
  • Circle cutting template (we used a good old $.25 quarter)
  • Clear half marbles, one for each ornament
  • Strands of sequins (3" for each ornament - see Tips)
  • Ribbon for hanging, in metallic colors (18" for each ornament)
  • Crafts & Supplies at joann.com!
  • White craft glue (like Aleene's Tacky Glue)
  • Glitter glue (silver or gold - see Tips)
  • Acrylic craft paint in metallic silver or gold (for the back)
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Hole punch


  1. Tag ornaments step 1Remove the spiral key ring from the tag.

  2. Paint the back of the tag with metallic paint.  Let dry.
  3. Using your circle template, mark your circles on the vintage images, and cut them out.

  4. Glue the image to the tag, with the hole at the top.  Position the subject of the image just below the hole.  Let dry.

  5. Tag ornaments step 2Use the hole punch to enlarge the hole, punching through the image.

  6. Glue the half marble onto the image, centered on the tag, with the craft glue. Let dry.

  7. Apply the glitter glue to the tag around the marble.  Press on 3" of sequin strand, starting at the hole at the top.  Let dry.

  8. Cut 18" of ribbon.  Thread the two cut ends through the hole from the back.  Pull them almost all the way through, then back through the ribbon loop on the other side.  Pull them tight, arranging the ribbon loop to cover the hole on the front.  Tie the ends in a bow, and hang proudly!


  • Cardboard key tags are available at office supply or stationary stores.  Buy a box - we'll have more crafts that use these versatile items.
  • Strands of sequins are available in fabric stores, and come in many varieties and colors.  We used single strands in gold and silver, a double (braided) strand in silver, and a fancy gold variety with braid and loops of tinsel (just for fun).  You need 3" for each ornament.
  • Clear half marbles are flat on one side, and can be found in craft stores or florist shops.  They also come in colors, and you might experiment with some pastels.
  • Your choice of silver or gold craft paint and glitter glue is up to you.  Don't feel funny about mixing silver glitter with gold sequins.  Sparkle is sparkle.
  • Ribbon with wire edges is nice for two reasons: the wires make it easier to thread the ribbon through the hole and you can arrange the bow just the way you like it - and it will stay.
  • You can easily make these ornaments two-sided by repeating the process on the back of the tag.  Or glue some wrapping paper with a tiny pattern on the back. 

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