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These charming Thanksgiving Place Cards make it simple to add vintage "pop" to your holiday table.

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If you have made our Thanksgiving Napkin Rings, you know we love simple, simple paper crafts. Well, these Thanksgiving Place Cards are even simpler. No glue! All you need is the FREE PDF download (below), a ruler, a craft knife, and a bone folder.

Our idea came from Rose O'Neill's 1914 "Klever Kards", which were postcards that were scored and die-cut to fold into a stand-up figure. These place cards work exactly the same way.

We chose two Thanksgiving vintage images of a boy and girl riding turkeys, so you can choose the appropriate place card for each guest!

Materials for Thanksgiving Place cards

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    Vintage Images (FREE PDF download) printed on matte photo paper or cardstock (See Tips).
  • Straightedge or ruler.
  • Paper cutter or scissors.
  • Craft knife.
  • Bone folder.
  • Self-healing mat.


  1. Thanksgiving placecards, step 1Print the vintage images onto matte photo paper or cardstock.

  2. Thanksgiving placecards, step 2Lay a straightedge across the images, aligned under the dotted fold line printed at the side of each image.
  3. With a craft knife on a cutting mat, cut around the figures, starting and ending the cut at the ruler. You can cut tightly around the figures, or cut loosely, as we did, leaving a 1/32" border around the figures.

  4. Thanksgiving placecards, step 3Holding the ruler on the same line, use the bone folder to score short fold lines from each side of the cut figure to the edge of the full image.
  5. With a paper cutter, trim the edges of the images (5" x 3 1/2").

  6. Thanksgiving placecards, step 4Fold the place card on the score lines, keeping the cut-out figure flat.
  7. Now, write your guests' names at the bottoms of the cards (see Tips). Make up some incredible story about how your found these charming vintage cards in an antique store in Madagascar.


  • You can use matte photo paper, premium presentation paper, glossy photo paper, or cardstock for these Thanksgiving place cards. The important thing is to use paper that is stiff enough to hold a crisp fold and stand up. If you find your place cards starting to sag, stretch a 2" piece of transparent tape across the bottom edges, or a dab of rubber cement inside the fold.
  • There are many ways to add your guests' names to the cards. If you have great handwriting or calligraphy skills, grab your marker or paint pen and go for it! You can also type and print your names on transparent address labels for a professional touch. Finally, for the daring computer-cowboy, you can open the PDF file in your graphics program (Paint Shop Pro or PhotoShop) and add your names with the text tool.
  • Some tastefully applied glitter glue can make these look like a million bucks.
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