The Cone of Fun

by Terri Temples
(Oakland, Illinois)

Terri Temples: I was definitely thinking about my very girly granddaughters when I made this Easter container. It can be filled with toys, flowers or candy.

To make the cone I cut a quarter circle out of textured wall paper, color washed it pink and formed it into a cone. I used hot glue on the back seam. For added support I cut 1" strips of card stock and glued them to the inside at the top. Satin ribbons were threaded through holes and beads and tied at the top for hanging. I then added two Easter images from VIC. I tore the edges, antiqued them and added a little glitter to the highlights. When the images were dry I glued them to the cone in the center front, I used rubber bands to hold them until they dried.

The top has a cuff of fluffy yarn as well as a fancy tassel from the same yarn. To accent the container I added a stuffed bunny, button flowers, chocolate carrots, glitter eggs on picks and a working pinwheel to a nest of basket shreds. I made the pinwheel by printing an image on both sides of cardstock, I then cut the picture into a 5" square, cut the corners diagonally and glued the corners to the center to form the pinwheel. A cute button was the finishing touch. I attached the pinwheel to a new pencil using a thin piece of wire through the eraser A butterfly hair clip finishes off the top of the ribbons.

With the exception of the butterfly and the carrots everything came from my computer or my stash of craft supplies.

I can see this cone adapted to many other holidays with a change of colors, images or fillers, making this project not only eco-friendly but tons of fun.

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Apr 02, 2012
Cone of Fun
by: lyneen

Love your cone. It is so cute, who ever receives them will be happy to get them!!!

Mar 24, 2012
Cone of fun!
by: Confectionique

So sweet & whimsical!

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