Victorian Wall Ornament

by Lyneen
(Bremerton, WA)

Victorian Wall Ornament - 1

Victorian Wall Ornament - 1

Victorian Wall Ornament - 1 Victorian Wall Ornament - 2 Victorian Wall Ornament - 3 Victorian Wall Ornament - 4

Lyneen Jesse: Using Creative Paperclay®, Amazing Mold Putty, Vintage Image Craft and other items I have created my Valentine wall ornament. 

First, I found this awesome bird that would make a great mold... wrapped him with Amazing Mold Putty and let it set for about an hour. Then filled the mold with Creative Paperclay® and let it set for a couple of days. Then I used a paper mold (similar to a candy mold) and filled it with Creative Paperclay® Finally, I hand molded roses from Creative Paperclay®. Starting with the first petal wrap it tightly to create the center of the rose.  To make a petal take a small ball of paper clay and press very thin, then wrap around the base. Keep adding petals until there are  enough for a full rose.  Now wait.... let everything dry completly.  It may take a couple of days.

The frame for my assemblage is an over sized cookie cutter. Sand both inside and out so the glue would adhere to the metal easily.  Glue sheet music to the outside of the over sized cookie cutter and text from an old book to the inside. Punch holes with Crop-a-dile for hanging, the heart is hanging on its side (punch the holes accordingly). 

Print an image 8 x 11 from Vintage Image Craft  use matte photo paper and then mount on chipboard to make it stiff. Fussy cut the image of the Victorian lady and cupid. Glue a toothpick to the back of the arrow in the heart to reinforce it.

Paint all the Creative Paperclay® pieces and add Stickles when they dry. Glue fiber trim to the out side of the frame. Add the ribbon for hanging, use buttons to hold the fabric ribbon in place on the inside and outside of the frame.  

Attach the Victorian Lady to the back of the frame (her dress will hang longer than the frame.) Use Stickles on the wings of the Cherub. Glue the Creative Paperclay® ribbon to the front of the frame. Arrange the bird and roses inside, add feathers and artificial leaves as desired.

Creative Paperclay®
Amazing Mold Putty
Bird and paper molds
Postcard from Vintage Image Craft
Old sheet music
Old book text
Large heart cookie cutter
Craft Paint - Pink and ivory
Fiber trim
Sand paper

To see more pictures and tutorial visit my blog Dreaming of Castles

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by: Sandra

Beautiful craft! I've got some paperclay but it's an ugly gray color. You have done a wonderful job with your creation!:)

by: Lyneen

Thank you all for taking time to comment on my wall hanging... creating is something I love to do and share. I appreciate the time you take to let me and others know you appreciate our art.

by: Chrisitne

Really beautiful....:)

by: Catherine

What a beautiful ornament! Love the vintage image and all of the wonderful textures and color. Such a great idea to use a cookie cutter for the frame. Wonderful cast items out of the paper clay, too. Lovely!

Roses and Bird in Paperclay
by: Anonymous

Very nice! I'd like to try using paperclay. Especially if I could simulate a vintage brass look..

Roses and Bird in Paperclay
by: Anonymous

Very nice! I'd like to try using paperclay. Especially if I could simulate a vintage brass look..

by: Mary

Beautiful! Love it!

by: Anonymous

What a beautiful project!
Sandra Strait

by: Miki

I love this wall hanging! I'm impressed with your Paperclay creations. The perfect Valentine!

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