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Bernhardt C. Wall

(1872 Buffalo, NY - 1956 Los Angeles, CA)

Wall postcard # 1At seventeen, Wall enrolled as a student in the Art Students league, but was told he was already more accomplished than any training they could offer.  He opened his own studio in 1894, only to close it again when he enlisted during the Spanish-American War.  When he returned, he took a job with a picture frame company, Ullman Manufacturing Company, which contracted him to design pictures that would help sell their frames.  When Ullman moved into the postcard business, so did Wall, and he began designing postcards with his signature characters, the Sunbonnets. They became immensely popular by 1906, and he was soon represented by no fewer than fifteen postcard companies.  Perhaps because of Wall's army experiences, many of his illustrations have a patriotic theme, including several depictions of Teddy Roosevelt's "Teddy Bears."

Wall postcard # 2

Wall postcard # 3

Wall postcard # 4

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