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Grace Wiederseim or Grace Drayton

(1877 Philadelphia - 1936 New York)

Wiederseim postcard # 1Wiederseim was the daughter of George Gebbie, Philadelphia's first art publisher. Her most famous creations were the Campbell's Soup kids in 1905, a milestone in American advertising.  At the age of seventeen, she began her commercial art career, and within a year she sold her first magazine illustration.  She and her sister, Margaret Gebbie Hays, created a series of newspaper features with Margaret's verses and Grace's illustrations.  She married (and divorced) twice, first to Theodore E. Wiederseim (the advertising executive that snagged the Campbell's Soup account), and then to W. Heyward Drayton III.

Wiederseim postcard # 2       Wiederseim postcard # 3

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